Sports PhysioTherapy

Sports physiotherapy to build your best body yet without the pain and stress of injury.

Exercise is important to you

Don’t let injury or pain prevent you from enjoying your game.

For many of us, our sport or exercise time is our time. It’s the one moment we treasure away from the stress of work and our other obligations. It’s our moment to feel our best.

When pain or injury gets in the way, it not only affects our ability to participate, it’s a genuine loss of lifestyle. We miss the time spent with friends, and start to question whether this pain is something we're going to have to live with for the rest of our lives.

At SSSP we know that sport and exercise gives you confidence and the ability to do more and be more. You shouldn't have to give it up because of annoying pain. We can help.

Small changes, big rewards

Feel stronger fitter with a Sports Body Restart.

At SSSP we know exactly what it takes to get you to peak performance, overcome your sports injuries or niggling aches to get you back in the game.

Our Sports Body Restart looks at your personalised sporting and exercise needs, regardless of your age or fitness level.

From the start, we identify the triggers to your injury or pain. As specialist  physiotherapists we can uncover the cause of your pain and the fastest way to heal it.

We’ll diagnose and recommend the right intensity and duration for you in whichever activity you love. This will change for each stage of your rehabilitation.

We can also guide you to reach new physical goals that you wouldn’t have imagined before your injury.

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Stop hurting yourself

and start rebuilding your better body.

When we let injury and pain get in the way, it can lead to a downward spiral; our fitness deteriorates; we feel more tired, don't sleep as well, and our mood changes for the worse. Not to mention the extra kilos that appear from nowhere.

If you love sport, you crave the invincible feeling of an endorphin rush, and the self-reliance and determination to know anything is possible. We can put you back in the driver’s seat, getting you back into sport better than ever.

The longer we live with pain or injury the harder it can be to heal. Sometimes choosing to “just leave it” can be the right thing, but if you’re wrong, it often leads to a life-long excuse for why it’s just too hard to change.

We know you’d rather not take the risk. After all, there’s always  a new pursuit that requires more energy.

Isn't now the time to re-start your sports body?

Just book an appointment today with our specialist sports physiotherapists and we’ll get you restarted.

It's always a good time to feel better, stronger and be more active. Enjoy life again - get outdoors with family and friends, book that overseas holiday and encourage those around you to be active too.

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