Summary of Services

At Mad for Digital,

we take complex digital strategies and make it easy for you and your marketing team to understand.

Using one of our three options below, we’ll help you take your digital marketing efforts to the next level:

Do it yourself service

Looking to improve your current digital or marketing efforts? We’ll train you and your team, so you have the tools and knowledge to manage your brand’s digital marketing

Done with you service

We’ll work with you as a team. Mad for Digital will do most of your digital marketing setup and installation, and then pass on those tools to you, so you can efficiently manage each campaign.

Done for you services

Don’t have time to manage your digital marketing? No problem! Our team of highly trained digital marketers will take over your brand’s online marketing and drive results.


Digital Strategy

Our team of highly skilled marketers will develop and execute a digital strategy customised for your business to reach your goals.

We’ll do this by gathering comprehensive data on your industry and your competitors, by setting KPIs (key performance indicators) and strategy goals, by launching your marketing campaigns, and by gathering data from those systems.

Target Audience Analysis

We’ll find and target the audience that’s the most interested in your product or service.

From there, we’ll create customised content to reach your various target personas at each phase of the buying process. This will make your online marketing more cost-effective and increase your number of customers by improving your ad conversion rates.


We’ll find the most effective ways to maximise the SEO for your business’s website.

We’ll begin the process by looking at your website’s titles, links, keywords, image tags and hyperlinks. We can also create blog articles to publish on your website monthly, to help build brand awareness and increase your online presence.


We’ll create and manage your paid ads on social media and on Google.

Mad for Digital will develop and implement social media and online marketing campaigns that will build brand awareness for your business, drive website traffic, and generate business leads.

Facebook Community Management and Content

We’ll keep your reputation intact by managing your brand on social media.

We’ll create content that fits your brand’s voice and style to build your online community and engage with your followers in more meaningful ways. To do this, we’ll listen to what users are saying about your brand on social media, we’ll respond when appropriate, and engage with users on a consistent basis.

Email Nurture, Sequences and Workflows

Using automated email systems, we’ll organise all the information we’ve collected about your leads and customers.

Then, we’ll segment your emails by customer demographics, so your audience receives only the most personalised and tailored messages.

Content Marketing

Our team of innovative marketers will create engaging visual content that will help tell your story and develop a sense of community around your business.

Whether it’s videos, photos, infographics or articles, we’ll maintain your brand identity in each piece of content and supplement that material with a compelling copy to encourage engagement with your online audience.

Lead Magnets and Downloads

Every business needs a great sales funnel and part of that is a compelling offer to grow your leads.

We’ll create useful downloadable content (such as eBooks, white-papers, checklists, and video series) for your business that will generate contact information such as names, emails and phone numbers from potential customers.

Display and Video Advertising

We’ll create Google display ads for your business that will help your brand reach customers on the web, from their apps and on their mobile devices.

We’ll use cross-channel video advertising to shape your customer journey and influence their behaviour.

Analysis and Reporting

Data and analytics are critical with for digital marketing and we are excellent at it. 

We delve into your data so you make better decisions and invest time and money wisely. Every month, you’ll receive a comprehensive report showing the results of each of your digital advertising campaigns and recommendations for what’s next.


We’ll determine the best budget, for each channel, to achieve your marketing goals.

To do this, we’ll set your fixed operational costs, measure your marketing performance in years prior, and identify your current marketing objectives.

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