Trigger Point Therapy

For fast, effective relief from pain.

How do trigger points cause pain?

Trigger points are more common and more painful than you think.

Trigger points are sensitive areas within muscles that can cause pain, discomfort and fatigue in the surrounding area, and occasionally in more distant parts of your body.  An example of a distant effect is a tension  headache from trigger points in your shoulder muscles.

Trigger points develop from injury, or over-use of a muscle. When ‘activated,’ a trigger point can continue to cause problems until it's treated. 

Sometimes the trigger points play ‘hide and seek’ - they come and go, so you’re not really sure whether there is a problem. We can find out for you.

We'll clear your trigger points

The relief from resolving trigger points is immediate.

When we started looking into trigger point therapy more than 20 years ago, we were sceptical. But the results we achieved with dry needling were surprising.  Now we expect a significant result after one session. Usually symptoms are completely gone within 3 sessions.

The great results that we get are irrespective of the length of time you have been struggling with the pain associated with trigger points.

Dry needling involves using very fine acupuncture needles to target the trigger points in your muscles.  The needle stimulates the trigger point, causing it to release, and stops it causing symptoms.

The term ‘dry needling’ makes sense when you understand the origins of trigger point therapy.  Initially trigger points were treated by injecting trigger points with local anaesthetic, i.e. ‘wet needling’ which was really painful for the patient, and was the reason we were initially sceptical.

Dry needling as a term highlights the use of fine acupuncture needles, whilst maintaining the science behind trigger point therapy.

Dry needling is the most efficient way to clear trigger points

We expect significant results to patients that we offer dry needling to.  This is based on 20 years of using trigger point therapy

Are you being held back by trigger points?

Trigger points often aren’t associated with a specific injury, and often remain untreated.

Typically, when you have troublesome trigger points, you will feel an ache in the area, and may even feel a 'pebble like' lump in the muscle.  When you press on the lump you will experience an unpleasant pain that will shoot away from the area.

Maybe you're reluctant to seek treatment because the ache will ease with a hot shower or heat pack, making you feel that there's really nothing to treat.

The repetitive nature of the trigger points typically cause frustration and become the focus of your body, rather than being able to focus on the activities that bring you pleasure.

If that sounds like you, it’s time to rid your body of those troublesome trigger points, so you can shift your focus back to pleasure.

You can get rid of trigger points that are causing you pain

We treat trigger points efficiently and effectively with dry needling. You'll be amazed at the results.

Trigger points are culprits in a lot of pain episodes. The good news is that they're able to be efficiently and effectively treated with dry needling.  More than just treating the trigger points, we will help you resolve the causes of those trigger points.

If you feel that you’re being held back by pain and stiffness, that isn’t related to a specific injury, we'll get you moving again. 

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